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Top Five Ayurvedic Treatments for A Wrinkle Free Face: Dr Herb Recommends

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Skincare is one of the most popular types of self-care, which plays a significant role in promoting a healthy lifestyle and positivity. Ayurveda, from time immemorial, has formulated and concocted various medicines in the forms of oils, powders, and masks to help improve skincare and help patients understand Ayurvedic treatments and their benefits in decreasing face wrinkles and improving holistic skincare. In this article, we look at the various Ayurvedic treatments for face wrinkles that Dr Herb recommends!

Gandusha – Gandusha is a very effective skin care product with other benefits. For example, oral care is involved in achieving a wrinkle-free face. This treatment involves swishing medicated oil as concocted by Ayurvedic doctors. Gandusha helps the skin get a radiant glow and eliminates wrinkles. Besides a wrinkle-free face, Gandusha helps improve one’s oral hygiene exponentially. A few of the most popular decoctions for Gandusha are coconut oil and sesame oil. The doctors at Dr Herb recommend cold-pressed oil for Gundisha to experience maximum results.

Pranayama or Breathing Exercise – It is well-known that the flow of oxygen within the body plays a critical role in the holistic health of the body and mind. Pranayama, or breathing exercise, is one of the best ways to improve oxygen flow and help nourish the skin naturally. Oxygen circulation to every cell of the body reduces the wrinkles on the face and other regions, along with detoxing the entire body. As a leading clinic that provides Ayurvedic detoxification programs in Dubai, Dr Herb recommends and advises everyone yearning for a flawless face without wrinkles and acne to perform Brihastika Pranayama and Kapalbhati to improve oxygen circulation and to improve skin health.

Herbal Face Masks & Ubtan – Herbal face masks and ubtans are among the most effective treatments for a healthy and wrinkle-free face. Dr Herb uses various potent Ayurvedic ingredients to create face masks and ubtans, ensuring that your skin is hydrated and nourished, which can kickstart the body’s natural healing process. The most common Ayurvedic treatments for face wrinkles involve ingredients like gram flour, turmeric, neem, aloe vera and sandalwood.

Abhyanga or Facial Marma Massage – Abhyanga is one Ayurvedic technique that strives to achieve holistic skincare through facial massage by following Ayurvedic methods of facial massage using marma oils like cold pressed coconut oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil, to name a few. Dr Herb’s experienced Ayurvedic doctors use the marma points on the face and massage those spots gently to hydrate and nourish the facial skin to its full glory.

Sathvik Ayurvedic Diet – The Sathvik diet has proven to be the most effective for battling many ailments and detoxifying our bodies. As a leading provider of Ayurvedic detoxification programs in Dubai, Dr Herb believes in promoting the Sathvik diet to all its patients, especially those in their skincare program. A healthy diet eliminates toxins within your body, providing your skin with oxygen for nourishment.

We at Dr Herb believe that we can help our patients with various ailments and also help them kickstart their rejuvenation journey with care and experience! For more details on facial wrinkle treatments, contact us through our website!

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