Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

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Gynaecological Disorders Ayurvedic Treatment

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Common Symptoms and Difficulties

Ayurvedic treatment for gynecological issues:

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Why do all women have to suffer various Gynaecological problems and disorders?

Most women may experience one gynaecological trouble during their lifetime. That hurt can be excused because it happens monthly but for some women it is extremely painful.

The pain usually occurs in the pelvic region, so it can also be mistaken for other disorders such as gastrointestinal (e.g., constipation, high perirectal abscess), urinary (interstitial cystitis, calculi), musculoskeletal (abdominal muscle strains), and psychogenic (effects of previous physical, psychologic or sexual abuse) disorders. Most people are turning to Ayurvedic treatments which are beneficial in numerous ways and profoundly works.

How to distinguish regular issues and disorders?

However, the pain can be distinguished from these disorders according to the duration and frequency of pain. Different gynaecology diseases can produce the same symptoms, namely:

  • Irregular or heavy bleeding
  • Post-coital bleeding
  • pelvic pain
  • back pain
  • spotting

First, let’s understand what a gynaecological disorder is.

A gynaecological disorder is a condition that affects the normal function of female reproductive organs, including the breasts and organs in the abdominal and pelvic area, namely the womb (uterus), ovaries, fallopian tubes, vagina and vulva. At Dr Herbs Ayurvedic Medical Center we provide a wide range of Gynaecological disorders Ayurvedic treatments to treat gynaecological problems as well as prevention and disruption of women’s gynaecologic health-related disorders and issues.

Ayurvedic and herbal treatments by Dr. Herbs to treat gynaecological disorders

  • Uttarabasti: This is an Ayurvedic remedy in which medicinal oils are delivered into the uterus to provide various health benefits to patients. The procedure is carried out under aseptic conditions and is highly effective.
  • Yoni Prakashalanam (vaginal washing): using this therapy Dr herbs tries to involve cleaning the vaginal canal with herbal and natural plant oils and medicinal decoctions, which helps to purify the reproductive organs keeping you away from various Gynecological diseases and infections.
  • Yoni Pichu: in this remedial therapy tampons are soaked into medicated oils which is a mixture of herbal and natural Ayurvedic wisdom into the vaginal canal to treat vaginal infections or discharge.
  • Lifestyle Changes: In addition to these therapies, Ayurvedic practitioners may recommend lifestyle changes such as dietary modifications and Ayurvedic meditations to promote overall health and wellness.

Dr Herbs is your reliable hope in Gynaecological disorders for Ayurvedic treatments

Dr Herbs is your reliable partner and can offer a ray of hope to treat your disorders with the help of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and modern science to address the underlying causes and issues and can treat them from within providing your body with an all-encompassing well-being and restoring of the natural balances of your body. We provide gynaecological disorder Ayurvedic treatment with our teams of experts and skilful professionals who have high knowledge about all the remedial therapies that can bring your life back on the path of happiness.