Post Natal & Pre Natal care programme

ayurvedic treatment for face wrinkles
ayurvedic treatment for face wrinkles
ayurvedic treatment for face wrinkles

Postnatal Massage Dubai

The first 3 months after delivery is very important for mother. During this time the expanded uterus shrinks back to normal size and position and start gaining back the lost power and strength.

The initial three months following delivery are crucial for the mother. This period allows the uterus to gradually shrink back to its normal size and position, while also regaining the strength and energy lost during childbirth.

The post-delivery care program is designed to provide holistic rejuvenation for both mother and baby. The program is supervised by female medical practitioners and experienced female therapists who work in a hygienic and eco-friendly atmosphere, ensuring 100% safety and privacy in a homely environment.

The treatment includes Ayurvedic medicines for delivery care, postnatal oil massages for both mother and baby, herbal face packs, medicated water baths with Vethoushadam, stomach bandaging, and dietary advice.

The benefits of the program for the mother include the recovery of the uterus, reducing physical injuries and tiredness after labor, restoring the shape and tone of the stomach muscles, regulating hormones to promote breast milk secretion, rejuvenating and relaxing the mother, relieving tension and depression, promoting good sleep, and treating postnatal back and joint pains.

For the baby, the program aims to promote healthy growth and development, improve blood circulation, enhance skin health and complexion, and encourage good sleep.

ayurvedic treatment for face wrinkles
ayurvedic treatment for face wrinkles
ayurvedic treatment for face wrinkles

Prenatal Packages

6th Month onwards and includes:

Pregnant women can follow Ayurveda to

Abhyanga, an Ayurvedic therapeutic massage followed by a lukewarm water bath, is an excellent treatment option during pregnancy. Regular abhyanga or therapeutic massages from the sixth month onwards are believed to promote easy labor. Additionally, other therapies such as head, shoulder, and foot massages can be effective for relaxing the nervous system. However, it is essential to seek proper guidance from a specialist for other major internal and external therapies.

Join the beautiful journey of motherhood with Dr Herbs, a postnatal massage care programme

Dr Herbs we understand the journey of parenthood and how it is filled with challenges. To celebrate your lovely journey of parenthood we offer an enchantment benefit of the postnatal massage Dubai program, to help you restore recuperate and grasp the delight and cherish of motherhood with well-being and imperativeness. Post-natal period is the time of alteration and recuperation, we understand this stage and its significance that’s why we offer an all-encompassing recovery program.

Okay! First, let’s try to make it easy for you to understand what prenatal and postnatal massage is

Prenatal massage program: Pre-birth may be a particular massage program in Dubai, in which we offer a sense of comfort to the anticipating mother and the child for progressed circulation, relaxed intellect, back pain, swollen feet, uneasiness and stretch. With the assistance of profoundly trained specialists who know how to move the pregnant stomach securely and have mastery in this field, we attempt to centre on diminishing common pregnancy distresses which advances a sense of consolation for the mother and the child. This massage moreover makes a difference in progressing sleep quality.

Postnatal massage programme: This massage is a very special program for those mothers who have recently given birth to a baby. Postnatal Massage Dubai is designed in such a way as to heal rejuvenate and soothe the mother’s body after the hard work of labour and childbirth. Postnatal massage is an incredible way for mothers to embark on a new journey of life with full energy as this massage helps with muscle recovery, reduces swelling, and relieves tension and stress so that you can take of yourself with your new born.

What makes their programme exceptional and outrageous to choose?

Master care: We have a group of particular Ayurvedic advisors who are well prepared and know how to grant appropriate massage and position the pregnant mother’s stomach with due care and how to unwind and relieve the body with Ayurvedic therapy.

Emotional mending: We understand the significance of enthusiastic well-being. If a mother is cheerful and mentally solid at that point her body and well-being will recover soon but on the off chance that not then this might deteriorate and slow down the recovering and recuperating process of the mother.

Nourishment from the inside: Ayurveda is all about nourishing the body from the inside. Just like the detoxification process Ayurvedic therapies tend to nourish and heal from within. Dr. Herbs also provides assistance on diet for proper healing of the body.