Periods Treatment

Irregular Periods Treatment

What are regular periods?

Most of the females get their first period between 10-15 years of age and continue until menopause at 45-55 years of age. The monthly menstrual cycle is the number of days from the first day of the period to the start of the next period. Menstruation is the part of the menstrual cycle when the endometrium lining of the uterus sheds. On average, the female menstrual cycle is 28 days. The duration of the cycle may vary in length not only from female to female but even in the same female each month. 

What are irregular periods?

If the length of the cycle is more than 36 days or less than 21 days, it is an irregular period. The length of your cycle is irregular every month; for example, one month, your period comes after 38 days, and the next month it does not come even after 45 days. The flow in irregular periods is often abnormally light or heavy. If you miss three cycles or approximately 84 days in a row without periods or if you have less than four periods in a year, it is irregular. With Ayurvedic irregular periods treatment, you can cure these issues.

What causes irregular periods?

  1. Polycystic ovarian syndrome

PCOS is one of the common causes of irregular periods. It is a lifestyle disorder that affects women’s ovaries. The ovulation does not happen at a time, and as an effect, your periods are affected leading to irregular period treatments.

  1. Thyroid disorders

Hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid causes heavier and longer periods with increased cramps. You may also experience sensitivity to cold, weight gain, and fatigue. In hyperthyroidism, with a high level of thyroid hormones, there are lighter and shorter periods. 

  1. Obesity

Obesity affects the level of insulin and the production of hormones. Obesity is not a good thing in any manner. This, in turn, interferes with the menstrual cycle and causes menstrual irregularity. Most of the people are opting for Ayurvedic treatment to regulate their hormone levels.

  1. Birth control

Intrauterine devices that contain hormone or hormonal birth control pills cause irregular bleeding. Birth control pills may also cause spotting in between the periods. IUD may cause heavy bleeding.

  1. Perimenopause

It usually begins in the ’40s or earlier. The symptoms of perimenopause last for 4-8 years. Changes in the level of oestrogen hormone bring changes to the menstrual cycle. Eventually, the menstrual cycle gets longer or shorter.

What does Ayurveda have to say about irregular Periods?

Ayurveda understands the importance of the regularity of the menstrual periods. This is because Ayurveda works on the concept of “cycles”. Every dosha works cyclically. These doshas decide the circadian system- the biological clock. Dr. Herbs with their incredible team of professional therapists and doctors tends to offer irregular period treatments with their herbal and natural Ayurvedic remedies.

Dr Herb’s Ayurvedic approach to restoring the natural balance of your body

Balancing doshas:  These doshas keep on altering. When these doshas behave normally, everything goes normal. But the moment something disturbs the harmony of these doshas- normal becomes abnormal. Physiology turns to pathology and health disturbs diseases. Therefore, we at Dr Herbs aim to restore the balance through our customized dietary and herbal recommendations.

Herbal remedies: Dr Herbs has designed various Ayurvedic medications with the proper mixture of herbal and natural plants for the lasting effect of their Ayurvedic irregular periods treatment. Ingredients such as Shatarvi, Lodhra, and Ashoka help restore the imbalance in the body by maintaining the hormonal level.

Yoga and medications: irregular periods are also caused due to stress and anxiety because this directly impacts the brain leading to a hormonal imbalance. Dr. Herbs emphasizes stress management for the proper cure with their irregular period treatment.