Heel Spur Treatment

Heel Spur Treatment

What is calcaneal spur?

A calcaneal spur is also called a heel spur. The calcaneus is the heel bone. When it is met with constant pressure, calcium deposition occurs beneath this bone and if the pressure continues, the deposition takes the shape of a spur, causing pain. The characteristic feature is pain on standing or while walking. People who walk on uneven surfaces or need to stand for a long time cause pressure beneath the heel bone thus finally triggering calcaneal spur.

What does Ayurveda have to say about the Calcaneal Spur?

A calcaneal spur is the growth of calcium around the ligaments and tendons of the foot, growth will start from the bone towards the flesh of the foot. This condition is known as Vatakantaka or Padakantaka in Ayurveda. The term consists of two words Vata and Kantaka where ‘Kantaka’ refers to thorn and vata refers to vata dosha. The pricking pain is felt due to vitiated Vata. But Ayurveda provides a relieving solution. We at Dr Herbs with our herbal remedies provide heel spur treatment for pain relief.

What happens to your foot in calcaneal spur and why do you need treatment?

A small sack of fluid is present between the heel bone and the fat pad. The continuous rubbing of the bone over the deep tissue results in the inflammation of the surrounding tissue and also the bursa leading to the condition called calcaneal bursitis. Why does one require treatment? Because after a long rest if the patient stands up he/she will feel sudden pain. At Dr Herbs we aim to bring happiness back in life by relieving the pain with our Ayurvedic heel spur treatment that could be observed by long standing, running and continuous walking.

Causing factors for heel spur

  • Walking on irregular or uneven ground
  • Structural deformity of the foot causing increased pressure on heels
  • Excessive strain on heels, Standing or walking for long
  • Usage of hard footwear or shoes
  • Prolonged pressure over the heel or ankle joint
  • Also this occurs due to the anatomical changes of the heel bone
  • The main cause for origin is continuous stress on the heel bone which eventually leads to calcification of the soft tissue around the heel.

What does Ayurvedic treatment for foot conditions focus on?

Ayurvedic treatment of foot conditions focuses on treating the root cause of the pain and inflammation. This condition can be treated with special internal medicines to disintegrate the bony projection which causes the pain, different heat modalities are indicated along with some spot techniques to remove the cause. And our Ayurvedic treatments help you to reduce inflammation and restore balance alongside rest, specific yoga postures and certain herbal preparations can all be used as part of a comprehensive treatment program. Within our heel spur treatment, we focus on removing the root cause for the lasting effect of our treatment.

Why you should opt for Dr. Herbs’ Ayurvedic treatment in Dubai?

Dr Herbs Ayurveda primarily aims at the well-being of the patient. The herbal medicines will eliminate the medical problem/ disease, as well as, rejuvenate the body and mind. Unlike most of the other treatment methods, Ayurveda medicines don’t have any side effects. Neither of those has to be followed for a longer period. With the help of our skillful team of therapists, we tend to provide you with the best Ayurvedic treatments and therapies. Our doctors will provide you with proper recommendations and guidance to change your lifestyle and dietary control for a healthy life.