Heel Spur Treatment

Ayurvedic Heel Spur Treatment in Dubai

What is the Heel Spur Problem?

A heel spur is basically about bone growth that develops on the underside of your heel bone area. This Heel spur can be because of the strain on the ligaments and tendons of the foot. Heel spur causes a lot of uncomfortable in day-to-day life. Getting the Ayurvedic treatment for heel spur is the best option for you because Ayurveda provides a holistic approach to cure the physical problem of your heels.

The reasons for heel spur are repetitive stress, poor foot machine, aging, and obesity are some of the reasons of heel spur.

What Individuals Have to Face During Heel Spur

Experiencing the heel spur affects the daily life of the individual. From walking and standing to continuously feeling pain in the heel area causes a lot of discomfort in the individual life. However, it doesn’t stop here, you may feel more problems like foot mobility, swelling, etc. These challenges affect the daily life of the person.

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